WHY People DON'T BUY New Homes - How to overcome the buyer's fear in today's new home sales environment
You don’t need lower prices, more incentives, or more advertising, and you don’t need more traffic to sell new homes in this market. You just need to do more with the traffic you have. This massive 514 page book, Why People Don't Buy New Homes, written by Steve Weston,  a refreshingly different approach to selling new homes that is simple, easy to learn, and overwhelmingly effective. This different selling method has, in fact, been used by the author for over 23 years to sell the most challenging homes, in the worst markets, under the most difficult of circumstances. Best of all, this selling technique is geared towards overcoming exactly the issues the new home sales market is experiencing today. This selling method is a shift away from a “product-oriented” sales approach to one that is “buyer-oriented”.
After a brief explanation of the forces acting on the buyer’s attitudes, the author lays bare the main cause of buyer resistance. Once identified, explicit, real-world dialogues completely and unequivocally demonstrate the ease and power of the application of elementary psychology to harnessing, then redirecting, and finally eliminating the negativity and resistance in today’s new home buyers.
This is book that will be uncomfortable for many people to read. This is a book that will challenge your core beliefs about why people buy new homes and why they don’t buy new homes.
This book is radically different, unlike any book ever written in the new home field that will cause salespeople and management to carefully re-assess their sales approach, advertising, lenders, and their sales methods. At the same time, this book demonstrates a more gentle, and personable approach to the treatment of buyers. The techniques demonstrated, are based on a better understanding of the forces acting on the buyers. Once these forces impacting the buyers are fully understood, new approaches to advertising, lenders, and sales techniques will naturally follow. The outstanding sales of this book, re-orders, and raving e-mails, phone calls, and letters from excited salespeople, sales managers, and CEO’s validate the ideas. The bottom line is simply this: THE IDEAS IN THIS BOOK WORK.
ISBN: 978-0-692-01438-7
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